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A home is more than just the place where you keep your things; it holds your memories, and it becomes a part of who you are.  And on the more practical side, it is also one of the biggest investments you will make, representing a substantial portion of your net worth.  So when it comes to selling your home, you should turn to skilled professionals who understand how much your home means to you and will work to get you the best possible results.


In many countries, real estate professionals are required to have special certification or licenses, but that isn’t the case here in Switzerland.  While Switzerland does offer federal diplomas, called Brevet Federal, which certify that an individual is knowledgeable and skilled in their field, these are optional in real estate.  This means that you must be very careful when selecting a company to represent you in the sale of your home.

At Beau-Soleil Conseils, we believe in holding ourselves to the highest possible standards, whether it is required or not.  All of our agents have either the federal diploma in property brokerage or the federal certificate in property valuation; in many cases, they hold both.  You can trust that we have the skills and the experience needed to secure the best results for you.


Before you get started, you should know what working with Beau-Soleil Conseils will be like.  Below is an outline of our selling process.

Before We List Your Home

· We perform the valuation, determining the correct listing price based on the current market.

· If there are upgrades that will deliver a strong return on investment, they will be suggested.

· Our team will create marketing materials, including a sales brochure, helping your property gain exposure.

· We will come up with a marketing strategy and discuss it with you, ensuring you are comfortable with our approach.

· All legal documents will be gathered, allowing buyers to make informed decisions.

Once Your Home is on the Market

· We start with the advertising campaign, working to reach buyers across multiple platforms, including online and through print media.

· Your representative will follow up on all leads and respond to all inquiries.

· Our team will organize viewings and make recommendations to stage the home prior to these viewings .

· You will be kept informed as we work, ensuring transparency.

Making the Sale

· Once a buyer is interested, we will handle the negotiations.

· You will be consulted on the negotiations to ensure that the finalized agreement is to your liking.

· On the day of closing, we will accompany you to the notary to oversee the signing of the documents.

· After closing, we ensure the handover of the property goes smoothly for you.

· Should you wish to purchase a new property, we can represent you in this as well.



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