Realize your dream, become an owner !

The different steps of homeownership

Budgeting in relation to its financial means, including on its own funds and income.

Once on budget , we must make a list of his/her needs and desires.

Your adviser Beau Soleil then seek for goods that match the closest to your needs and your desires.

The goods that hold your attention will then be visited in order to compare and discuss their respective advantages.

After heart stroke object found , a legal analysis (including easements , etc.) and technical is available upon request to ensure a purchase with confidence.

Once your decision is taken on an object , we provide to the notary of your choice all official documents concerning the property and command the draft deed of sale.

We received with knowledge of the project and accompany you to the notary to sign the deed of sale as well as the keys of your property.

Once installed, we remain at your disposal for any further information.